Chapter 3-Death 0

Come to Death

Finally, today I can go to somewhere where no one will humiliate me again. The world where I can become everything. The VRMMORPG S.A.L.

I am Pak Lee Han. My parents were well known researchers. One day when I was 5 years old, the lab where they were working was blown but those so called investigators never gave any report of what happened at that day, at least not in public. that day brought end to all my dreams. After that for 2 years I did many small jobs, fought against roughs and did everything to survive by myself.

One day some people suddenly came and kidnapped me. After I gained my consciousness back, I was at their HQ. In front of me was a man in his 50s but the cold aura around him was terrifying. He told me to join them or die. By ‘them’ means an assassination organization that has a lot of influence in the upper echelon of almost every country. He said that they don’t commit terrorism, only assassination. He also said that if I join them I can learn the real reason behind my parents death. I chose to join them.

After that for 5 years I had to go through a hellish training. Truthfully sometimes I thought that dying would be better than this. That man who talked to me the first day was Jacob Steward, the leader of organization. He was also my trainer. After my training was complete he called me.

“Listen kid, I found out the reason of your parents death but that explosion was only a small part of a vast picture. You see, the project your parents were working was a part of a very high powered A.I. creation project. Some people wanted that A.I. for their own and was pressuring the head of the project to hand it over to them and when they refused, those people tried to frighten or destroy them and your parents ended up becoming their target.”


“Kid, we got assignment to finish those people. Will you join the team that is going for their head?”

Yes master.

“Good, here are the details of the mission. Take rest today and repost to the team leader tomorrow.”


After that we hunted down many of those basterds. Only now my parents can rest in peace and some of the humiliation I faced after their death was returned. Our mission continued for 6 years. Then we heard that the rest of those basterds who are alive has stopped interfering with the project and the A.I. will become the core of a game, the world’s first VRMMORPG S.A.L. After that I did some more missions and most of them were mainly to finish filths from the society.

Now I am 18 years old. Leader gave me a new mission. It is to establish our organization in S.A.L. It’s almost time for the game to open. I put up the Exgear. Almost 12 a.m. The server will start now. Then everything went black and the next thing I noticed was that I was standing on a transparent plane.

“Welcome traveler.”

I saw a black shadow in front of me with two red eyes.

“Thank you.”

“I will not tell you who I am now. First I am going to scan your brain or soul and determine your worth. Here you can’t choose anything except your name. So, think of a good name for you now.”

The shadow stopped talking. Still, nothing to choose huh. It might become a good challenge to get strong.

“Yes, it will be interesting to see you getting strong. Kid listen carefully, this world is similar to yours. It’s a multiverse. Billions of planets exist here. It is mainly divided into two types. Systems that belongs to the side of light and the side of darkness. Those having a good heart will go to light side and those having a corrupted heart will go to dark side. Here each and every life is special, we can’t recreate any person who is dead. Light system’s main planet is Lahn and dark side’s main planet is Onera. As a player you will get skill window, map, inventory, friend list and guild bar. Light point and dark point is fame and infamy. PKing is only possible during wars. Should you kill any player or NPC or commit any sin, you will gain infamy. Both sides can’t enter the other side without any event. Should you enter, you will gain heavy punishment. Should you wish to create a guild you must register your guild at the main planet of the side you belong to. Any question?”

“How can I know how strong I am and which side I am going to?”

“Almost every planet have their own ranking system. Now normally there are two sides but there is another side as well.”

“Another side?”

“Yes, death. Death is neither light nor darkness. Death cannot favor saints nor can condemn sinners. But death punish the twisted ones. Kid, your life has gone through so much that you should understand the evil side of life. Do you wish to become a messenger of death? Granting peaceful end to saints and ending the twisted scum of those sinners? Can you carry the burden of killing someone and live your life with it?”

HAHAHAHAHA. This is the greatest opportunity I ever got. Everything I want I can gain here.


“Good, there are others like you will be there. They will train you. If you want to talk with me, you only need to think of me. Now go, for the time has come.”

“Wait, who are you?”

I am Death.

Everything around me turn blank before I heard-

“Sir, the baby is born. It’s a boy.”


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Chapter 2

Birth of Heroes

   Hello, Frost here. Being summoned in a different world is not enough. Now me and other six teens like me are going to be the heroes of the demon kind. Well, after the introduction was over we were led to a grand hall, in the middle of it was a large magic circle. It was a pentagon circle.

“I will now tell you about the contract. When you will stand on the circle, you need to supply your mana to it. You will hear some questions. Remember, you must answer them truthfully or else disaster might happen. Then if the artifact deem you worthy, you will gain a partner. Now Mayumi, go there.”-Lena.


She went at the center of the circle and after a few minutes the circle started to glow and was covered in pink light. Then the light died down.

“Did you get it?”-Lena.

“Yes, I did it!”-Mayumi.

“All right, we will see all the artifacts after everyone get their own. Next.”-Lena.

Then Luke went and this time the light was green. Then Corin with brown, Irina with silver, Aloke with black and John with yellow light. Now it was my time.

I went at the center and channeled my mana and a reddish golden light engulfed my vision. Then I heard two voices.

“The one who is both light and dark.”

“The chosen who is both hope and despire.”

“One who has both power and knowledge.”

“You shall be the Regis and show the world its true place.”

Then the light died down. At the same time two name came to my mind, ‘Arcriptoria, Silnerinia’.

I came back to my original position.

“Now let’s see what our heroes got.”-Lena

“Show thyself, Rinol.”-Mayumi.

“Form noelus.”-Corin.

“Let darkness perish, Regalius.”-Irina.

” Sprout Liviera.”-Luke.

“Cover me, Onarvius.”-Aloke.

“Let the harmony begin, Konalus.”-John.

“Severe those who dare harm me, Arcriptoria. Turn knowledge into power, Silnerinia.”-me.

“Mayumi, you are the symbol of Chastity[Castitas] and your partner is a elemental spirit queen. Corin, you are Temperance[Temperantia] and yours is the best magic ego orb. Irina, you are Kindness[Humanitus] and you got a SSS+ grade ego staff. Luke is Charity[Caritas] and got the holy tree spirit, a spirit king. Aloke is Diligence[Industria] and got the absolute shield, another SSS+ ego weapon. John, you are Humility[Humilitas] and have the tiara of mind, SSS ego accessory. Frost you are-THE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN YOU GET THEM???????”-Lena.

“What happened?”-me.

“Well, you are both Wrath[Ira] and Patience[Patientia] and have the blade of destiny and the codex of knowledge, both divine absolute grade. That’s why, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU???!!!!”-Lena.

“How would I know? You said they chose us, not the opposite.”-me.

“Yes but now you are going to bear a huge burden, much greater than the rest of you. Now, you might be thinking about the ranking. First spirit kings and queens are the greatest among the spirit so they are immortals. You see, here in this world three type of beings are present, mortals, immortals and divines. Normal mortals are warriors, mages, assassins, priests and knights. There is also a special group who walk the path of immortals. They are refiners. There are three methods of body and qi refining and if successful, you can become an immortal. Not everyone can do that but there are many clans and schools full of such people. The ranks of this world is:

Mortal:           Warrior                    Rank-F-SSS   >   Rook                Rank-1-9

                         Mage                        Rank-F-SSS   >   Queen             Rank-1-9

                         Assassin                   Rank-F-SSS   >    Pawn              Rank-1-9

                         Priest                        Rank-F-SSS   >    Bishop            Rank-1-9

                         Knight                       Rank-F-SSS   >    Paladin           Rank-1-9

Refiner:          Body refiner            Rank-1-6       >    Xianxue/Xianmu          Rank-1-9

                        Qi refiner                  Rank-1-6      >     Xianxue/Xiansue          Rank-1-9

After reaching rank 9 xianxue, xianmu and xiansue all refiners need to pass a test, the 9-in-9 divine turbulence. Those who pass become immortals and those who fail become loose immortals. Now xianxue refiners are called immortals, xianmu refiners are called demons and xiansue refiners are called spiritsand mortals can’t become spirits, they can only become xianxue and immortals.


Loose Immortals/demons/spirits       Rank-1>2>3>4>5>6>7>8>9>10>11>12

     Divine turbulence                                                       =

          Copper Immortals/demons/spirits         Rank-1>2>3>4>5>6>7>8>9

      Divine turbulence

           Silver Immortals/demons/spirits            Rank-1>2>3>4>5>6>7>8>9

      Divine turbulence

              Golden Immortals/demons/spirits          Rank1>2>3>4>5>6>7>8>9


               Divine/Demonic/celestial                         Rank-1-(Unkonwn)

You see, this world is divided into several energy layers. These layers separate mortal realm, immortal realm and divine realm and crossing the realm needs lots of power. The equipments are divided into these three parts as well and each have 3 groups, lower, upper, absolute and mortal equipments are divided from f-sss+ grade.”-Lena.

“Then which rank do we need to be?”-Luke.

“First you all need to become immortals and we will train you in all ranks of mortal and then refiner and immortal realm or you can’t stand in the battlefield at all. So, for today we will leave you and give you many books. Read them and you will understand much more about this world and take a good rest. From tomorrow your real training will begin.”-Lena.

After this we were guided to our rooms and was given at least 30 books to read. Well, those four will get hard time on this, not me.

“After all, I was the former Asura, the demon lord after all. Hehehehehe.”-me.

Chapter 1


     Fire and water, light and darkness, truth and lie, good and evil, they always exist together. They keep the balance of the creation. However, mankind always tried to break this equilibrium. Either too much good or too much evil. Along the history this misbalance was always done by human.

In a part of the creation, various energies gathered to create a universe. They collided and united. Some scattered in the space. Thus the universe of Aqual was formed. Here was one sun and 5 planets. Our business is in the 3rd planet of this solar system, planet Raqual.

This planet, unlike the other planets of this system, was special. Here existed the power that could create miracle, mana. Here each existence contained mana, thus was able to perform magic. However, not every being could do so. There was a clear division. Normally only sentient races could use magic. Each had their own special magic and some in common. Namely human, elfin, dwarf, demon and beastal. However, there were some races which existed since the beginning of the creation and in any planet with mana. They were draconian, leviathan, spectral, phoenix and netheran. They are known as magic races and of course there exist gods.

Gods, however, didn’t use magic. Their power were known as holy, which was not categorized as magic. There were a race that had similar powers as the gods, asura. This race had the power of pure dark. Holy and dark are opposing forces. One would say that the gods and the asura were the absolute power of this world. That is not true. Not many know but there was a race far stronger than any of the races told till now, celestials. They were the guardians of the creation and only interfered the affairs of a planet if the existence of the creation and the balance would be harmed.

Each races worship one or more than one gods. Demons had gods as well. The absolute king of the demons were asura. Only asura could communicate with the demon gods. At first all races existed in harmony. Soon human started war against other races. They enslaved other races and made them a way to income money and pleasure. All other races united and started to fight back and thus started the first great war.

After the war ended all races witnessed the destruction caused and in the name of their gods they promised to never treat any other race poorly. thus all races started to regain their former glory. However human being human, they never learn. Due to the demons using dark type magic and human using magic similar to holy, they started calling demons evil. During this time a catastrophe occurred.

A being rampaged through the planet’s surface and destroyed uncountable lives. It harmed the core of the planet and corrupted the many of the life forms of the planet. It went to such scale that the celestial guardians were deployed to put an end to it. However, that being suddenly disappeared without any trace. Due to its power being type darkness, all the races shunned the demons and asura as evil incarnations and started war against them.

The humans summoned people from different planets and called them hero. They fought and killed the demon lords for ages and now the demons are in grave danger. Which is why they also summoned humans to help them.

“And that is why you seven are here, dear heroes.”

We all stayed silent after this. I can guess that everyone are having problems processing the whole fact. Well, summoning heroes to fight demons is one thing but to protect demons!!! Who the hell ever heard that????? Even earth’s authors of those light novels never wrote things like this. No, I think there was one, where demon lord asked the hero to help her. But, but that was a fiction and this is a reality!!!!!! Not that I am one to say though.

“So, won’t other demons are upset that they need help from the race that destroyed  them?”

“A reasonable question but they can’t oppose me, the demon lord.”

“Are you really? I can only see a 14 year old ignorant girl.”


“but even so we have our family. How can we accept this?”

“Yeah, we will fight against humans and other races as well and we are normal, weak high school students.”

“About returning, we can’t do it now but in future we will be able to return you at the same time when we picked you with the magic I called you here. Also, you will gain powers similar of the other heroes so don’t worry about being weak. We can teach you how to fight and use magic.”

This thing going too long, time for me to say something.

“Guys, for now let’s accept the proposal and see how things are with our own eyes. There seems to be lots of things both sides don’t know about.”

“Is it really fine? I am worried.”

“We all are, but at this rate things will go nowhere.”

“Yeah! also we can learn magic! Isn’t it great?”

“All right, for now we will agree with you and see things by ourselves and then we will finally decide whether to aid you or not.”

“Thank you but don’t talk like that in front of other demons. Else they might try to kill you.”

“Thanks for the warning.”

She clapped her hands and maids appeared.

“Then please follow them. They will lead you to the bathing section. After that wear the clothes you will be given and let’s meet at the dining table.”

We followed the maid and went in different rooms. The bathing space was similar to a hot spring and the look was incredible. After sometimes I finished my bath and wore the given clothes. They were a little flashy but fitted perfectly. Yep, it’s magic. Then miss maid led me to the dining space.

After entering the dining room, I saw the demon lord sitting in the front of the table and on her left side were some other demons. We were told to sit on her right side.

“Now, let us introduce ourselves again. As you know, I am the demon lord Equalitia Revena Lenaryo. On my left, demon general Asminous Drafquate Lopej, dark mage Krokkela Labizz Imphoruss, necromancer Mavaris Cartoff, binder Unaris Rectof Milan and revilia Imphorus Arnahum. We also represent the seven sins. I am the symbol of lust(luxuria), Lopej is pride(superbia), Imphoruss is gluttony(gula), Cartoff is greed(avaritia), Milan is sloth(acedia) and Arnahum is envy(invidia). For a long time we don’t have wrath(ira) among us. Now it’s your turn, from my right.”

“I am Iroha Mayumi. Nice to meet you.”

“I am Corin Bynar.”

“My name is Irina Junis.”

“I am Luka Miren.”

“Aloke Pande.”

“John Mallec, nice to meet you.”

“I am Frost Corner, hello.”

“I see, interesting names. All right, everyone eat first, then we will take you to our room where we keep artifacts. If any of them choose you then good or else you might have problem to find one but you will probably find so don’t worry. Let’s eat.”

And this is how I came to a different or rather my former world.

Chapter 1

It’s time

‘Finally today it will release. the first ever VRMMORPG of the world. It was the result of the VR technology the developed by many Peoples efforts. The company they belongs to called themselves Exodus Inc. Originally a research team of VR technology but after creating the game they became a company. The most shocking thing is that they didn’t explain anything about the game. Only said that everything will be told during the character creation process. It had a worldwide release on 24th December.

Because my academic career was in a good shape, my parents agreed to buy the Exgear for me on the condition that I must take care of my body. Well, I am a learning martial art from my grandfather and it was a family tradition so it was fine, not that I ever wanted to give up. The name of the game was “Struggle Another Life” or SAL in short. Weird. I mean who give that name to the first VR game? Well, that attracted many more people I guess. They installed my gear a couple of days ago.

Well, as anyone can guess, since today is 24th December from morning I was kind of in enthusiasm. In school everyone were talking about it. Me being the vice-president of the student council had a lot of work to do. I and president Silvia stayed late today. But we, the student council and the disciplinary committee members being close friends wanted to start together and they will stay in their real names as well if not taken. I couldn’t wait to start the game.’

Or that’s what I thought that day without care of what the ‘game’ will turn me in or rather fell me in. Hello, I am Apollo Ivory. Currently 67 years old. If anyone will read this, they can say I am writing a remembrance of my life’s interesting times and gamers can call this an epic adventure. I call it ‘Tales of the former VRMMORPG’. Well, that’s about it. My life and the experience about how the world’s first game was. New generation can also read this not to make the mistakes I made at that time.

When the game was released I was 16 years old. My classmates(actually almost all girls of the school)used to tell me that I was handsome and I never believed it. I never regret it though. Because of that and how dense I was got me my first love who is with me even now. I am really lucky. Well enough of the boring thoughts, let’s go to that day, when I first went in the virtual world for the first time. Ciao.

Entry 1:

Only 1 min left. I got into the Exgear. Upon activating it everything went black. I noticed that I was standing on a transparent plane and around me stars were twinkling. From my right side I saw sun rising and saw a planed similar to earth. Then I noticed there was a girl in front of me.

“Hallo and welcome in SAL.”

“Um hallo.”

“You don’t have to be so stiff. I am Latifa, the creator of all. You can also call the main AI of the system. Shall I start explaining about the game?”

“Hallo Latifa. I am Apollo. Please explain.”

“Still like this? If you count by age I am actually younger than you.”

“Well, didn’t wanted to offend you. Sorry, Latifa.”

“No, it’s fine. Now I will tell you about this world. Well you can see that I am a sentient being like you. there are no game developer. They only created me. I created this world.”

“Wow, you’re incredible Latifa. A goddess. Can’t believe I am talking to you. Even if this is a virtual world.”

“Now now, I am not like that and don’t think of yourself so low. I am not that unreachable. Now this game is not limited to one planet. Like the real world, this is a multiverse as well. You can also call this a different plane of the creation. I would be glad if you do so. Please don’t view this world and it’s people like programs. If anyone of this world dies, they dies. We can’t replace them. Also don’t think ordinary MMORPG rules are applicable here. Everything here has the same rule that your own world has, almost everything.”

“That’s good. Now players can’t badmouth or kill NPCs and similar quests also can’t be found, right?”

“Yes, each and every quests are different from another, if you call them quests. I said this is similar to the real world due to not having a level measurement of the system.”

“Then how can I know how strong I am?”

“Well, in fantasies other worlds’ people make their own level measuring systems, right? It’s like that and it’s not like this world is fair, you know. Some of you will start in advance planets where some will start in medieval planets. Some of you can only use magic, some can only science and some both. You can say that this is a reincarnation of yours.”


“Looking at your reaction, you might not enjoy the other details. The death penalty is not your items except those you wearing but 50% of your stat’s will cut off.”


“You didn’t hear it wrong. It’s 50% so try not to die. Also, if your stats mainly vitality becomes 0 your character will be deleted. so be careful. PKing is only possible during wars. If you murder anyone, whether NPCs or players, you will receive dark points which is infamy and if you do anything that gives you fame it will become light points. Those with light points can’t go to dark side and those with dark points can’t go to light side. If you enter opposite areas without any reason you will receive heavy penalty. Also, any good act earn you light points and any bad act decrease your points and give you dark points.”

“Just like the real world.”

“Indeed. Also, if you don’t want to be hunted down by me then don’t commit any sin.”


“You know about the seven sins, right?”


“There are seven cults who make people commit these sins and use the corrupted power. Don’t ever commit one and try to resist if tempted to do so, or your life will turn into disaster.”

“U-understood but if I can’t resist then?”

“Don’t worry. If you show that your willpower resist the negative emotions then my power will aid you.”


“Well that’s all about it for now. During the game you will learn more.”

“I see. What about my character?”

“Nothing. Your character will represent your true form and starting from the race, looks and starting planet will be decided by that.”

“I can’t choose anything?”

“None except your name. You can’t change your system given looks. A person with good heart will look good and a person with bad heart will look bad.”

“Then I guess i will look average, if not bad.”


“What happened?”

“Nothing, just wandering if anyone ever called you dense?”

“Well, many.”

“Well, let me check you.”

Latifa closed her eyes and white light engulfed her. A few seconds later she opened her eyes. Her eyes were sparkling!

“What your name will be?”


“Your real name? Fine. Do you want to live in peace or want to fight against evil and be full of adventures?”

“Well, I don’t know about fighting but I will stop any evil act in front of me, I guess. So, option 2.”

“Apollo, will you shoulder a great responsibility? Please, for me?”

“Y-you don’t have to beg. What is it?”

“Will you be my champion?”

“EH? Me? I don’t have it. Sorry. I am not strong enough.”

“You can be strong later. Please. Up until now, no one passed the criteria to represent me in the world. You are the only one. And if I don’t send my champion there, darkness will grow strong beyond imagination. You are the only one I can count on. Please?”

“Well, if you are fine with me then I will do it.”

“Yea! Thanks Apollo!”

“All right. You’re welcome. By the way, are friend list and guilds are available?”

“Yes, as a player you will get skill window, map, inventory, friend list and guild bar by default. But you can only create or join an actual guild by registering it in the Light alliance system’s main HQ planet Lahn. Dark side is similar as well. Please don’t become a dark one.”

“Don’t worry. I am not going to leave you soon. Can I talk or visit you again?”

“You can talk to me anytime due to us being connected and can only visit one time a day. goodbye and take care.”

“Yes, goodbye and stay well.”

As I said goodbye my sight was engulfed by light and I heard,

“Congratulation ma’am, it’s a boy.”


Chapter 2

Life Start

 Entry 2:

Today is 25th December. Today my family went to visit my uncle, my father’s brother. We went there near about 11:45 a.m. My uncle had two daughters, Lilia and Lena. They went to the same school as me and were members of the disciplinary committee. When our parents were talking, we went to Lena’s room.

“So, how was the experience of the first day of the game?”-me.


“Well, did you guys learnt about your starting planet?”-me.

“Not yet, right after we were born we had fallen asleep.”-Lena.

“Yeah but you know, even there we are sisters but twins”-Lilia.

“Wow, I fell asleep similarly so didn’t got much chance to learn things.”-me.

“I guess there goes our plan to start together”-Lena.

“It might not be bad but yeah.”-me.

We didn’t get to talk about SAL because everyone in the world were in the same situation. Later we had our lunch there and came back home in the evening.

When I entered the game I saw my game mother holding me and going to another room. There were many people present. My mother took me to the man who was sitting on something akin to a throne. It’s been three days since I was born. It seems that the people present in the room were my family because that man was my father.

“Apollo my son, I know that you can understand us so when I ask something to you nod and listen carefully. I know that you are one of the destined children who will take this creation to the direction of better or worse. I will tell you some necessary things. This planet is Lahn, the celestial planet and the planet that is the home for the divine beings who protect and control this creation’s most part. We are also called the light. Now there is a war going on between light and darkness. Darkness is a formless entity that once was a divine being but it wanted more power and became corrupted. When it was exiled, it created its own palace to reside. That place is known as ‘Eden’, the home of corruption. We had fought a great war but could not destroy it. We placed countless seals on it but its followers continued to make people commit sins and turn them into its food. Still, up until now we were sure to be on the winning side. However, now that destined children have come it is not possible to tell how the fate of the creation will change. My son, you have a lot of responsibilities and very short time. We will start your education now. Your mother and siblings will teach you everything whenever you want. Sorry but me being the king of Lahn, have a lot to do. So we will meet a few times now but in future I will personally train you and it will be very soon so don’t be sad. Let me show you the rest of the family.”-father.

It seems that I am their fifth child. The first child is a girl, Emily. Second is a boy, Leon. Third is a girl, Minerva. Fourth  is also a girl, Athena.

Emily was like a 14 years old. Fair skin with seductive curve. Her true age was 1253 years. All my sisters were beautiful and my brother was very handsome. Leon was 845 years old, Minerva was 542 and Athena was 94 years old. My father’s name was Zeus, the king of gods and the god of light and mother Aliana, the goddess of life. Everyone were happy to hold me and were cuddling me and sad as well that I won’t have much of a childhood. Not that I was sad cause I wanted to learn and go outside as well.

I learnt that every gods represents something which are their divinities. Emily was the goddess of arcane, Leon was the god of blades, Minerva was the goddess of assassination and Athena was the goddess of knowledge. from then on my mother, Emily and Athena were teaching me about the multiverse. It seems that the multiverse is like a galaxy, only much bigger. Now 84% of the multiverse is under light and 16% was under dark. The rest is called the frontier. It was the battlefield used during the war between light and dark.

I also learnt that energy were divided into mana, qi, ether, element, nature, nether, arcane, light, darkness and chaos. Mana was the energy residing in our soul. Qi is our physical energy. Element was the energy of fire, water, earth, wind. Nature is the life force. Ether and nether was the power of life and death. Arcane was the power of time. Light and darkness are counted as energies as well. Chaos was an unknown energy and only a few could use it. It is possible to convert one energy to another but it needed a lot of practice. Top rank people could do it without wasting a single amount of energy.

The rank system here was like this:









People of mortal plane could only reach to F and E. Gods could reach to A. Only my father and two more people were rank S and only Latifa was rank ∞. Corruption was rank ∞ as well. Right now I can only read things and Latifa told me to do a meditation she taught me. After another year father will train me. When I will become 10 years old, I will have to attain a ceremony which will tell me my divinities and will authorize me to govern a planet or two and I can go to the outside world.

One day I wanted to see my status. As a god I could see my status any time.

Name: Apollo Lahn       Age: 9 months

Level:10                   Rank: D

Gender: Male             Class: Celestial(1), locked

Title: Locked

Divinity: Locked

Health: 10546852[Regen: 54698/sec]

Mana: 15786545[Regen: 52685/sec]

Qi: 1354688[Regen: 25466/sec]

Nature: 1359754[Regen: 2554/sec]

Essence: 16886488[Regen: 56488/sec]

Chaos: 1685621416[Regen: 526529/sec]{Locked}

Vitality: 2636713        Strength: 338672

Agility: 2658               Wisdom: 3157309

Intelligence: 42224122     Dexterity: 105540

Charm: 564759           Luck: 263378

Affinity: Locked       Resistance: Locked

Skills: Locked

The hell…………………………

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??????????????????????????????????

AND I NEED TO TRAIN MORE AND I AM ONLY RANK D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????


‘I never said that the world is fair.’

‘Still this….’

‘Train well, my champion.’

And with that I fell asleep.

At that time I was in awe but later I understood, that was not enough. Definitely not enough.

By pass

I will write here from now on:

There are other 2 stories of mine. Read them as well. I will start writing after 16th May.

Turn of events

Turn of events

Earth time: 8:00 p.m.

Location: Linslet mansion

Allen’s p.o.v:

Why me???

I know that I am considered s pro and I like travelling but still why me?

Right now I am sitting on my bed. Just thinking about today makes my head hurt.

After returning to the space port along with the people we rescued I was told to meet the commander. It seemed that Comm. Lark will be there as well. When I reached there…………

“Allen Linslet reporting in, sir.”

“Ah! welcome back Allen. Take a seat.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Allen, first I heard everything regarding the mission and I am very glad that it was successful. Good work on saving Comm. Lark and his people. We found people from other ruins as well and they are from different races. It seems that planet Niliar contained a lot of different races. I also heard what happened to them. Let me introduce you to the in charges of other ruins.”

When I entered the room I saw people from other races present there. From my left was Comm. Lark, Comm. Lia, Comm. Zosh, Comm. Luka, Comm. Jennifer and Comm. Siv.

After we exchanged greetings, Comm. Lucas started to explain things to us.

“We found that the other people who escaped before are living in another planet and they named it after the former one. I want you and your team to take these people with you and go there. I know you like to travel new places, so what do you say? I can say that you will have a great time. All right folks?”

“So then Allen we will meet you tomorrow in the shuttle port, goodnight.”

And that’s how things progressed. Truly, once commander decide something there’s no change in it. And tomorrow I need to go to a new galaxy with my crew and Niliarians. Better sleep fast or Nela will drag me out of the bed.

Earth time: 11:45 a.m.

Location: Octal space port

Allen’s p.o.v:

As expected, I overslept today and got dragged out by Nela. After all during the mission we couldn’t take rest at all. Nela is truly a monster, she is way too much energetic. Whenever we go on any mission her energy level seems to rise 200%.

This is a long term mission so we took some time to say goodbye to our families. Guess what? My little sister Lisa is going with us. Not surprising cause she is a top level programmer. She accompanied us in other missions as well.

When we arrived at the space port, the rest of the crew and the passengers were already present. My crew consists of me as the leader and the pilot as well as scientist, Nela as the navigator, Lisa as the programmer as well as Noel, Karen as the engineer, Jacob and Sophia as the technicians, Luke as the connector and Levity as the researcher and co-pilot. We can do other things but in official document we are registered as such.

At this time we are doing final checking of the shuttle.

“Allen, we are ready to go.”- Nela

“All right, everyone get ready. Luke, tell H.Q that we are ready to move out.”

“Roger, Cpt.”- Luke

[Station, this is Nebula. All systems green. Seeking permission to ignition.]

[Nebula, course bay green. Permission granted.]

[IGNITION IN 10 SEC. 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…0…..IGNITION!!!]

We got out of the station and the gravity field of earth. Our course was directed. So without any interference we started hyper jump.

After a few minutes we went back to normal space. From here on reaching the new Niliar will only take 3 hr.

“Hey Allen, what do you think? How will this planet be?”- Nela

“Well, judging from the description it seems to be similar of earth. Except there are many different race like in our fairy tale.”

“I hope we will get to learn their science. It might be advance than ours.”- Karen

“I hope we will be able to learn magic.”- Nela

“We might get to research on their planet.”- Levity

Haa, everyone are thinking about their personal gain.

“I want t-”


We are hit!!!!!!!!!! Yet sensors couldn’t pick anything.


On my command everyone got in the pods. After I check that the passengers also got in, I got in my pod. Then the system activated and I lost my consciousness.

Earth time: ???

Location: Somewhere on planet Niliar

Allen’s p.o.v:

I regained my consciousness. The lid of the pod opened and I saw Nela.

“Get out Allen, we need you to see this.”

After getting out and going after Nela I saw hell. The shuttle was destroyed. It must be a miracle that no one died. Some of us have a little pain though. It is fortunate that we are in some field where any weird creature is not seen till now but we are on alert. We did a call and no one was missing. After a while we did a meeting.

“Let’s try to search this area and see if we can find any clue of civilization. If anything feels wrong come back as soon as possible. Everyone work in a group of 7. No taking risks.”

“Yeah, let’s do that.”

“And then-”

“Who are you people?”

As soon as we heard the voice we turn to see who it was. The owner of the voice was a girl. She was wearing long clothes and had a basket with her. She was around my age. I went to answer her.

“Miss, do you live here?”

“First answer my question.”

“Our transport broke miss and we were searching for civilization.”

“So many people. How can I believe that you are not bandits.”

“You are right miss but we are truly in problem.”

“Fine. This field belongs to our church. You guys take your things and follow me. I will take you to the church. The arch-bishop will hear you there.”


We took the necessary thing and followed the girl.

“You didn’t told me your name, miss. It will be a problem to address you.”

“I am Sena Froster. I am a trainee priestess in the church.”

“I am Allen Linslet. Nice to meet you. I am the leader of the team. Though temporary.”

“Why? Aren’t they your people.”

“No and there is a bit of circumstances. My crew are escorting them.”

“Well, you better get you explanation ready before the arch-bishop asks you.”

“Will do.”

While following her we arrived at the church. the whole church and its compound was made with white marble (I think) and in the middle of it in front of the entrance of the church there is a fountain. A girl like sena came to them.

“Sena, who are these people?”

“Miriel, I found them in the field. They said that their vehicle was damaged and they didn’t know where to go.”

“I see, so you took them here.”

“Arch-bishop! Yes.”

“Do you people have any leader?”

“It’s me, sir. Though temporary.”

“That’s fine. Please come with me and explain things. The rest can stay in the yard.”

“Thank you. Nela and Luke will come with me.”

We followed the arch-bishop in his chamber. There were 4 bishop as well. I told them everything about the ruins and the mission. They took some time after hearing all and then the arch-bishop said started to talk.

“Allen, I thank you and your people for taking them here. We thought that they were lost. Truly thank you very much.”

“Not at all. Now, what will be the next step?”

“We will inform the governing body about everything. The people you brought will get to start their lives new. As for now, you and your crew will stay in the church as our guests and others will as well. They will stay in the yard. All supplies will be given by us. In 2 days official might talk to you again. For now please take rest.”

We were assigned our rooms. After we made sure everything proceeded well, we ate with the priest and priestesses and went to sleep in o

Ray of hope

Ray of hope

Earth time: 11:00 a.m.

Ruin of Station Zork: In the orbit of planet Niliar

Commander Lark’s p.o.v:

“Sir, what should we do? The exar generator is stopped working.”

“Use the over one. We need to survive.”

“Understood, sir.”

It is same. All day bad news. Some time it’s machine failure and then food shortage and someone’s death. When we first came in the station we never thought things will become like this. This station was built in year 25987 C.R. It was used for asteroid mining. Sometime our shuttles used to land here for rest and maintenance. After sometime this station became an all purpose And emergency settlement. In year 213 R.P. this station was heavily destroyed due to the succession war going on the surface. After the emperor’s death, his 5 children started war to take control of the empire ignoring his will, where he stated his 2nd daughter, the youngest princess will inherit his empire. Many, no, almost all nobles were against this. No one wanted to be ruled by an 18 year old girl. Only the commoners supported her. The war was won by the 2nd son, the princesses were alive but exiled and the brothers were killed. Later this station was rebuild and things were going as it was before. But the empire had became lawless. The new emperor and the nobles were selfish. They slept on money with women. Everything was crumbling. After 48 years a revolt started. The leader was a handsome and charismatic boy. He was the son of the 2nd princess. After being exiled she went to a remote village and fell in love with a man. This man was also from royal lineage. The thousand year old emperor’s lineage which was said to be a legend. The boy was trained from childhood and was extremely strong. After he learnt about his parents history and the empire’s current state, he started gathering people, training them. Thus the seed of revolt was planted. After a great war he succeeded to obtain the empire. He returned his parents to their former glory. After he took the crown, things became peaceful and every person in the empire was happy. His great deeds were written in books. But disaster was knocking on the door. Because the previous emperor used forbidden weapons in the battle, the planet core was heavily damaged. After 20 years of the new empire being established, the scientists Found signs indicating the upcoming destruction. The citizens were transported in other planets. Suddenly one day the planet started to break. Due to emergency many people like us came to these stations. The crown prince was sent somewhere and the emperor and his rest of the family were missing. When we came here we had lots of resources, but after centuries have past, we are on the verge of death. Still we hope someone will get near these ruins, so we keep sending primary numbers hoping someone will receive them. And today…………….

[This is Neptune 2. Please state yourself]


[Ha-hallo, this is Station Zork. Can you read me?]

[Loud and clear.]

[We are high human race. We are trapped here for a long time. Our resources are ending. I ask you to help us. Please.]

[Station Zork, I am Allen. We will land in your bay. Reinforcements are coming.]

[Thank you but the bay is not working anymore and we shifted in the innermost part. The outer layer don’t have air or gravity anymore. You need to come here by yourself.]

[Understood. We are beginning rescue operation. Over and out.]

Finally, after so many years someone heard us. They even said they will rescue us. I don’t care who they are as long as they get us out of this hell. Everyone in the station are overjoyed hearing this news. I told them the rescue team will encounter problems coming here so we should help them in our way. Everyone agreed. We started clearing the area. The fighters equip their suits and went out to clear the derbies near the entrance. I received Allen’s call telling us that they landed and started exploring the area to get us. I told him that we started clearing the path as much as possible. This will take time but now we have some hope to survive.

Cpt. Corin’s p.o.v:

Like any other day I was strolling around. After all there was nothing to do except waiting for death. It’s shameful for a knight to think like this but it’s the truth after all. Suddenly a soldier came to me and told me commander want me in communication chamber. When I went there other Cpt., Lt. and important people were there. Commander told us that a space shuttle communicated us and said that they will rescue us. Everyone were beaming with happiness. We were told to clear things and I went to clear the path near the entrance with my team. At first we only cleared the stones but after 25 min we found monstrous sized bugs. We started to defeat them rather kill them. After 2 hr we took some rest. These ruins are very big. Clearing them is tough. Other Cpt. also joined with us and we were able to clear a lot area. When 3 hr passed by, we found some big balls. At first we couldn’t understand what were those but when we saw the bug near them which was sending killing intent to us, we understood. We were in the queen’s chamber!!!! There was no other choice but to fight. It was a disaster. Our soldiers were dying in front of my eyes but i couldn’t do anyhting. The queen was fearsome and there was her underling bugs as well. Then a laser was fired. The nearby bugs were wiped out and the queen suffered heavy injuries. When I looked at the source of the laser I saw a group with high grade equipments coming in our direction. After that the fight was easy. The queen was defeated and the eggs were destroyed. Then new arrivals seemed to be the rescue team coming for us. I contacted the base and we  went back there with them.

Allen’s p.o.v:

After we landed in the bay of the ruin we set everything. Researchers set up their devices and fighters were ready for action. We got words about bugs after all. We entered in the ruin and started to clear the path and advance. After a long time we heard sounds of intense battle. A group with outdated suits were fighting against a queen and a swarm of bugs. We concluded that they are the team which was sent to meet them. We helped them to finish the bugs. They took us to the innermost part of the ruin. During the walk I talked to a girl named Corin and learned about their past. Currently there are only 658 survivors and many of them are near death position. I told her that reinforcement is already inbound. After some more time we reached to their base. When we entered the station to me it looked like hell. How can someone live in this place? The people here are looking extremely exhausted as well. I talked to the commander about the plan. He said that they are already prepared to leave. I got call from base that the reinforcement team already landed and taking back 658 people and some tech is not a problem. We had a lot to know but currently going back with them is the right choice. After a while a new team came and escorted us back to the bay. They had suits for the survivors so there was no problem. We got in our shuttle and with another 5 ships we went back to earth. The rest of the troop started investigating other ruins to find any survivor. All of us went back to the space station and the survivors got emergency treatment. After 9 hr I was told to come in the main chamber so that we can talk with the high human Commander. It seems that we will get a lot of surprises now.